Workshop: Installation of benchmarking and KPI systems

Benchmarking is the systematic search for rational procedures and for targeted better solutions. Benchmarks are used as orientation or benchmark or target size for corporate governance.

The central question in benchmarking is: “What do others do and why are others more successful than us?” Benchmarking therefore means learning from companies that are perceived as exemplary how to improve, more consistently, more successfully, more efficiently and, above all, the cost-benefit ratio of certain areas, activities, processes and objectives in one’s own company. could make it more appropriate.

Target groups

Managing directors, sales managers, marketing and sales controllers, controllers and executives who want to find out more about the topics offered and receive concrete and quick application aids for practice.

Workshop content

  • Which top metrics / KPIs are required in the context of benchmarking?
  • How can business relationships and development trends be reported in a simple and concentrated form in controlling?
  • Filter out key metrics from the flood of information, set standards and make the economic situation transparent and objectify.
  • How can deviations and weaknesses be detected in good time by means of a meaningful key figure system?.
  • How to build a good key figure system in practice.
  • How are key figures interpreted correctly?
  • Where and how you can target benchmarking.

Workshop speaker:

Prof. Dr. Gerald Preißler

Workshop duration:

0.5 days

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