DGC – Your companion to success

The DGC Deutsche Gesellschaft für Angewandtes Controlling mbH has been successfully operating as an owner-managed, independent and cross-industry consulting and seminar house since 1987. We are internationally known for our high-quality and personal quality services and for our high level of innovation and development and implementation expertise. In the field of consulting and further education, we have done real pioneering work and set recognized standards.

There are numerous signposts to entrepreneurial success – but competent and really helpful companions for the manifold operational challenges and problems are rare! Our customers appreciate the DGC not only as a professionally sound and experienced guide, but above all as a powerful and personal companion.

Our values

A friend who only talks to you after the mouth and can’t help you in bad times is hardly a good friend!

Advice is like a good friendship! You need competent consultants who you can trust, who are always at your side with advice and deeds and who are not afraid to explain the company situation to you objectively.

Our recipe for success is based on the following values, which all our employees live:

  1. Your company and the people associated with it are always our first priority!
  2. Above-average willingness to provide services and transfers!
  3. No permanent “yes-sayers”!
  4. No pursuit of drawer solutions, but always individually and together with the clients developed and implemented concepts. Our actions are geared to the needs and individual requirements of our clients!
  5. We deliberately do not aim at only fast, short-term corporate successes. We do not start with the reduction of staff in cost-cutting programmes!
  6. We not only present concepts, but we implement them with you and with you in concrete terms!
  7. Your trust in our skills, our competence and the involvement of your employees are the basis for a successful consultation.

Why external support and advice from the DGC?

We see the task of a qualified consultant in the immediate implementation of individually developed problem solutions, which brings a clearly recognizable benefit for your company practice!

DGC consulting services do not affect the day-to-day business activities of your company and will, among other things, provide you with the following advantages:

  • own employees see many things subjectively colored. For this reason, external consultants are needed to identify problems/weaknesses objectively and neutrally and to not only present solutions/improvement proposals, but also to implement them and enforce them.
  • the use of managers is required to a considerable extent for the internal development of goal-oriented strategies and measures. This is not always possible without neglecting the daily operational events. In such situations, you need a competent companion who supports you in a goal-oriented manner, relieves you and successfully implements the agreed steps into practice together with you.
  • our consultants are not “operationally blind”: they are characterized by objectivity, high professional competences, qualifications and human fairness! From our consultants you can expect not only professional and personal competence, but also personal identification with your company.
  • Our consultants not only develop concepts that are individually tailored to your company’s needs, but also implement them together with your company in a concrete and economical way!
  • the DGC advises functionally and not in an industry-oriented manner, so it is ensured that we do not advise competitors of your company (competition exclusion clause)!