Services at a glance

Our highly qualified, professionally sound consultants/speakers offer a wide range of business services and training courses for companies and freelancers with different specializations. Many well-known companies and public institutions in Germany and abroad rely on the many years of competent and practice-oriented experience of the DGC, because we not only develop strategies and concepts, but also implement them concretely in practice! D


DGC seminars and trainings
Application-oriented in-house and in-house seminars, workshops,
Coaching, training and training series for our clients.

Professionally sound

DGC Books and Publications
DGC books and publications, checklists,
guides and books.

Additional Services

DGC Benchmarking

With the help of our comprehensive DGC benchmarking database, moderated benchmarking rounds and our many years of practical experience and professional knowledge, we support you in the systematic search for efficient processes, orientation values and “best practices”.

DGC Zoom® Organizational Climate Studies (SWOT Analysis)

A proven method for systematic analysis and structured detection of strengths and weaknesses in the company.

DGC Controlling Experts Search/Staff Training

We help our clients in the search, selection and training of new employees for the areas of management, controlling, sales management and field service. We clarify the technical and practical requirements for the positions to be awarded and can use our consultations to assess exactly which competence requirements are to be placed on the applicants, what expectations you have and who is to your company/team. fits in the long term.

DGC Software and Data support

If necessary, we develop intelligent, easy-to-use Excel templates for our clients, support you in the selection and implementation of software systems, ERP systems and digitization projects.
The DGC is a software-independent service provider!

DGC Funding Advice

We check for our clients whether DGC consulting or coaching services can be partially financed through public funding programs. If necessary, we will help you with the application.

We have a broad network of reliable and competent questions for additional tax and economic law and labour law issues, for production and process planning, refurbishment reports, value reports, software solutions and (see network/references).