Sustainability reporting and controlling

While in the past the focus of corporate management was primarily on financial, growth and profitability goals, in recent years non-financial ESG goals such as social responsibility, ecological and corporate sustainability and resilience have increasingly been added.

Management accounting systems should be supplemented at an early stage – even if your company is not (yet) required to provide statutory sustainability reporting – with forward-looking, goal-oriented sustainability reporting and controlling!

Sustainability reporting and controlling takes on the following functions, among others:

  • Planning and coordination of status and environmental analyses, support in planning the sustainability strategy.
  • Integration of concrete sustainability goals and measures into operational processes.
  • Building ESG key performance indicators systems.
  • Data management, data processing, data consolidation. Analysis and assessment of ESG key figures, measurement of progress.
  • Analysis of portfolio effects, trade-offs, correlations.
  • Implementation of incentive systems.
  • Building sustainability reporting systems.
  • Conducting deviation analysis, ensuring continuous adjustments and improvements.

We support SMEs in particular operationally and conceptually in setting up tailor-made sustainability controlling! Particicularily, we take on the following activities:

  • Support and planning of status and environmental analyses, analysis and assessment of company-specific requirements to set up sustainability reporting and sustainability controlling.
  • Carrying out materiality analyses.
  • Building an ESG key performance indicator system.
  • Support in setting up statutory or voluntary sustainability reporting.
  • Development of sustainability controlling instruments and integration of sustainability controlling into existing or yet to be established controlling processes.
  • Training and coaching.


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