Corporate valuation and business planning

We help companies of all sizes to identify and implement necessary changes. The goal is to permanently increase and secure the company’s value. The strategy consulting of the DGC includes in-depth modern cost-cutting knowledge, methods and tools for exploiting your company potential!

Our consultants carry out the following activities in detail:

  • Creation of business plans (incl. scenario calculations/balance sheet simulations).
  • Implementation of integrated business planning and installation of strategic planning and control tools.
  • Corporate valuations for various situations.
  • Preparation and complete support of company holdings / M&A transfers.
  • Conception and installation of tailor-made MIS management information systems.
  • Development of early warning systems, internal control systems (ICS) and risk management systems.
  • Execution of the DGC Zoom® organizational climate analysis (weak position analysis).
  • Moderation and joint development of a strategy-compliant corporate target system.
  • Development and/or Support in the development of strategies with a focus on marketing, manufacturing and financing.
  • Implementation of strategic and cross-functional leadership tools.
  • Optimization of the structure and process organization.  


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