Start-up consulting

Experience has shown that more than 50% of start-ups have to file for insolvency or leave the market within 4 years. You have a new business idea, but do you lack commercial competence, controlling know-how, lack of equity coverage or lack of liquidity?

A well-prepared start-up clearly has a better chance of success. Targeted and competent advice before and during the start-up of the company thus makes a decisive contribution to the long-term start-up of a business. We think into your business idea, our many years of experience and our network is competently at your side in the successful start-up of a business.

If we realize during our preliminary analysis that the start-up of the business cannot succeed, then we will inform you objectively!

Our consultants carry out the following activities in detail:

  • In a personal first conversation, we clarify how successful the start-up can/will be, clarify all fundamental questions and discuss the further course of action of the start-up process.
  • We will find out for you which public funding from the federal and state governments would make sense for you and which official funding is available for financing our consulting.
  • If necessary, we will prepare the necessary documents for offices or authorities to be submitted to you.
  • We work with you to develop a business plan as a basis for negotiations with your bank.
  • We will be happy to prepare you for the bank call and/or accompany you to carry out the conversation with you and/or for you.


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