International Accounting, IFRS Reporting

More and more companies are converting accounting to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Due to the increasing globalization and the changing information needs of investors, lenders and business partners, it is becoming increasingly urgent for medium-sized enterprises to deal with international accounting rules. And ultimately, legal requirements such as the Balance Sheet Law Modernization Act (BiLMoG) or the Balance Sheet Policy Implementation Act (BilRuG) also according to HGB accounting companies to deal with the IFRS world.

The use of management consulting is recommended for a changefrom from HGB to IFRS. It does not necessarily make sense for a company to develop the complete IFRS knowledge required for a conversion process itself or to provide it with the company. The DGC has the expertise and experience required for this project in the field of international accounting. All services can be provided on request in cooperation with your or our auditors/tax advisors and/or network partners.

Our consultants carry out the following activities in detail:

  • In addition to clarifying technical and operational questions in the area of international accounting (IFRS, US GAAP, HGB and DRS), we offer extensive assistance in the possible transition from HGB to IFRS (IFRS Conversion).
  • Technical and operational support in the creation of IFRS Reporting Packages.
  • Analysis and assessment of current HGB accounting and identification of relevant IFRS differences and specific IFRS problem areas (e.g. B. Pension Obligations (IAS 19), Revenue Statement (IFRS 15), Leasing (IFRS 16), Deferred Taxes (IAS 12), Asset Accounting (IAS 16, IAS 38, IFRS 9), Segment Reporting (IFRS 8), Conversion to Cost of Sales Procedures, etc.
  • Operational implementation of the transition from HGB to IFRS or from IFRS to HGB with the help of our IFRS conversion tool.
  • Building a uniform financial reporting system that meets both internal controlling and external reporting requirements (IFRS Controlling / Biltrolling).
  • Preparation of accounting guidelines and manuals as well as the specifications.
  • IFRS Helpdesk – Clarification of technical/operational questions and preparation of memos.
  • Professional training / workshops / coaching as well as support in the operational transition work. – We are always at your disposal as a contact person for questions on these topics!


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