Controlling, Management Reporting

Controlling is a cross-functional control and information system that is essential for business management, planning, specifications, control and decision-making in every company. Every company needs effective early warning systems, systematic data transparency, planning and controls to ensure that the business objectives are achieved.

Controlling does not mean “spying and inspection”, but rather ensures the future success of your company. Controlling should be installed as a “business conscience” and an objective consultant in every enterprise from the beginning.

Our consultants take care – among others – of the following activities in the field of operational, strategic and functional controlling:

  • We analyse and objectify the actual controlling state and – together with you – develop appropriate solutions for the development of target concepts.
  • Introduction of cross-functional information and control tools to support corporate governance, business decision-making processes and the development of an early warning system, as well as the identification of bottlenecks.
  • Technical and operational assistance in setting up or implementing management reporting systems (e.g. Key figure systems, profit centers and cost center reports, reporting packages, cost and performance accounting, management income statements, profit margin calculations).
  • Execution and installation of target-actual comparisons and the resulting deviation analyses with the development of catalogues of measures.
  • Development of langfri strategies.
  • Integration and process optimization of complex, decentralized and functionally structured controlling areas.
  • Execution of SWOT analyses and portfolio analyses.
  • Installation of early warning systems.
  • DGC Zoom® organizational climate studies (SWOT analyses).
  • DGC Benchmarking.
  • Business planning, support in the creation of business plans.
  • short-term and long-term liquidity and financial planning accounts.
  • External Controlling.
  • Introducing IFRS Reporting.
  • Professional training / workshops / coaching as well as support for the operational transition work – we are always at your disposal as a contact person for questions on these topics!

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