Our trainings create new perspectives.

From practice. Sound. Comprehensible.

DGC Training Methodology

In our intensive seminars/workshops, you will not only receive competent business management training, but also valuable tips, individual solution proposals, catalogues of measures and concrete implementation aids.

  • Our seminars and practical workshops do not require any previous professional knowledge. Through the didactic methods developed by Prof. Dr. Peter R. Preißler and Prof. Dr. Gerald Preißler and tried and tested over many years, know-how, instruments and competencies are always imparted in an application-oriented and well-founded manner. This enables participants to quickly understand the seminar and/or practical workshop contents and coaching and, above all, to consistently implement and implement them in practice.
  • On the basis of didactically coordinated learning units with exercises, tests, case studies and group work, terms, methods, instruments and their application are treated, which meet the constantly growing requirements / activity profile of specialists and managers.