Workshop: Target-oriented sales representatives remuneration systems

Traditional sales force pay systems no longer meet the increased demands of goal-oriented market processing.

This workshop will show you what a goal-oriented ADM pay model should look like! Practical examples will show you how you can increase the cost and benefit ratios of your entire sales department by using an efficient and motivating ADM pay model!

Target groups

Managing directors, sales managers, marketing and sales controllers, controllers and executives who want to find out more about the topics offered and receive concrete and quick application aids for practice.

Workshop content

  • Development of a performance-enhancing remuneration system.
  • Avoidance of fundamental errors.
  • Catalogue of requirements for a goal- and performance-oriented de-lohification system.
  • Valuation matrix for compensation models.
  • Procedure for the design and testing of a new remuneration system.

Workshop speaker:

Prof. Dr. Peter R. Preißler

Workshop duration

0.5 days

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