Sales Force Controlling 17.09.2019 (1 day)


Guidelines for efficient sales force management

Why new ways are needed in sales force control

Success concepts of the top sales representatives and their implementation in the field service – success in field service control by concentrating on the essentials of sales success – building blocks of value-oriented field service control – key key numbers, which are Field service control really arrives

Execution of objective field service analyses

Symptoms that signal a faulty field service control – Why “coaching-oriented accompanying visits” are indispensable in field service analysis – Carrying out salesperson profile analyses and their assessment – using meaningful reporting systems in the field Field service analysis

Increased efficiency, increase in profitability and cost reduction in the field

Operational measures and possibilities to increase efficiency in the field at a glance – How to increase idle efficiency potentials – Use of quickly feasible cost-cutting programs in the field service – Activation of profitability reserves by in-depth customer analysis – Action programs to improve the efficiency of field workers

From pure sales orientation to potential orientation in the field

“Funnel method” for sales targets versus potential exhaustion – Use of sales indicators for sales targets – Work with market exhaustion coefficients

Method overview for modern field service control

Area analyses, area classification, territorial reform with the help of field service control indicators – area reclassification with workload and potential procedures – Improvement of visiting and tour planning – Management of visiting work

Assess and reward sales representatives in a performance-motivating way

Latest insights into the relationship between motivation and reward in the field – objectification of sales successes with specific key figures – Control of “satter” field staff – Motivating pay models for the field service

Building an efficient ADM reporting system

Problems of selling about prices and conditions

Target-oriented remuneration for the field service (ZVL)

Seminar trainer

Prof. Dr. Peter R. Preißler

Total duration of the seminar

1 day (17.09.2019)