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Books on the subject: Controlling

Controlling Basic Knowledge

Preißler P., Preißler G., 2nd. edition, Munich 2019, 128 pages
(pocket size)

This compact and clear practical guide explains the necessary controlling know-how for practitioners. Those controlling instruments that should not be dispensed with in the context of corporate management and analysis are explained clearly. In addition, important business controlling decision aids are explained by means of examples. In this book, you will learn – what is important for controlling quick analyses – how to install controlling instruments quickly and easily, how to keep an eye on all important business decision-making aids.

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Preißler P., 14. edition, Munich 2014, 339 pages

This textbook, which is a relatively young but important field in practice, comes from a competent source; the practitioner is reliably and knowledgefully informed at first hand and is taught in a didactic way. Best application-oriented science. One of the most fundamental principles of controlling, its own control of success, is applied in this book. A preliminary test first reflects the current state of knowledge and, after working through the material content, is used to control the success of the learning. The basic didactic concept of this book is based on the realization that complex areas of knowledge can be conveyed in a relatively short time by switching between goal-oriented presentation of teaching materials and tasks and exercises based on them. (Oldenbourg Verlag)

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Lexicon Controlling

Preißler P., Preißler G., Munich 2007, 500 pages

Practical and comprehensive reference work on the latest level of knowledge. The renowned specialist authors Peter R. Preißler and Gerald Preißler provide concentrated knowledge of accounting and controlling in this compendium. Here, experts provide comprehensive economic tools. It offers reliable orientation in the world of controlling – from A to Z. Top-Service: Complex issues are conveyed in a comprehensible way in detailed focus papers. The criterion for the selection of terms is the current standard knowledge of controlling. (mi-Verlag)

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The best checklists Controlling

Preißler P., 4. edition, Munich 2004, 292 pages

Prof. In this checklist collection, Dr. Peter R. Preißler shows objectives, prerequisites and strategies for the introduction and Optimization of Controlling. He goes u. A. the necessary instruments and deals with the controlling problems in the individual divisions. (mi-Verlag)

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Business key figures

Preißler P., Munich 2008, 310 pages

Key figures are needed to filter out the essentials from the flood of information, to set standards, to present the situation of the company objectively and to establish overall cross-functional contexts. This book provides a comprehensive and practice-oriented overview of the key figures for corporate governance. You will learn how to work with these key figures and which statements and objectives are associated with the individual key figures. With this book you will receive a detailed guide to the practice of building and using meaningful key figures and key figure systems. With the help of this book, you will be able not only to illuminate the company with actual values, but also to set new standards with target values. The book is aimed at students of economics and practitioners in companies. (Oldenbourg Verlag)

Oldenbourg Publishers No. 21/2008, Recession, “Business indicators”
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Decision-oriented cost and performance accounting

Preißler P., Preißler G., 4. edition, Munich 2015, 277 pages

This book has benefited from the experience of the authors, who have been able to gain experience in practice in the course of their practice-oriented teaching activities and, in particular, in the introduction of cost accounting systems. This book takes into account new scientific findings and aims to meet the needs of practice and theory alike. Existing knowledge should be intensified and activated. At the same time, new knowledge is to be imparted on the basis of intensive self-study. The basic didactic concept is based on the realization that complex areas of knowledge are conveyed in a relatively short time by switching between goal-oriented teaching materials and tests, case studies, tasks and exercises based on them. to be able to. The target group of the book are practitioners as well as students of economics and all those fields of study that today have to do directly and indirectly with cost accounting. (De Gruyter/Oldenbourg Verlag)

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Basics Cost and performance accounting

Preißler P., 8. edition, Munich 2004, 246 pages

The authors Dörrie U. and Preißler P. are guarantors for this high requirement goal. In their contributions, they take into account the latest scientific findings, but are primarily oriented towards the needs and requirements of economic practice. (Oldenbourg Verlag)

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Books on the subject: Sales

The best checklists to reduce sales costs

Preißler P., Munich 2016, 2. edition, 182 pages

This book is a guide to problem solving in the distribution cost sector for managing and managing the sales sector. It is based on his own research and the author’s long-standing experience as a practitioner, consultant and university lecturer. Checklists, forms and concrete flow patterns provide the ability to identify vulnerabilities, activate cost-benefit reserves, and provide applicable recipes for daily work to ensure continuous, permanent rationalization of the distribution area. In this book, all sales fields are “ploughed through” according to cost traps. The emphasis is on the increase in benefits and, in addition to the factual level, also includes, above all, the emotional level of the human factor. Sales can only be as good as the executives allow. With the latest and tried-and-tested work aids, you can also track hidden costs in your company, optimize and secure efficiency on a permanent basis, so that sales adapt to the necessary change processes in good time.

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Books on the subject: International Accounting

IFRS lexicon

Preißler G., Figlin G., 2009, 250 pages

The IFRS lexicon explains common terms of international accounting that are relevant to daily accounting practice. The current draft law on the modernisation of accounting law (BiLMoG) and the associated internationalisation of the German Trade Code (HGB) also force small and medium-sized enterprises to deal with international accounting. For this reason, the lexicon focuses on terms and situations that are typical and essential for small and medium-sized enterprises. It serves managing directors and employees from the fields of controlling as well as finance and accounting, as well as students of the bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes as a quick and uncomplicated reference work. (Oldenbourg Verlag)

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Principle-based accounting in accordance with IAS/ IFRS

Preißler G., Munich 2005, 310 pages

The accounting rules in accordance with IAS/IFRS, with their transposition into European law in 2003 and with the date of 1 January 2003. The statutory obligations to prepare consolidated financial statements in accordance with IAS/IFRS, which entered into force on 1 January 2005 and are valid for all European capital market-oriented companies, have become significantly more topical. In contrast to the US GAAP, which is criticised in the current discussion as rule-based and therefore abuse-prone accounting in the context of the accounting scandals surrounding WordCom, Enron and others, IAS/IFRS are considered to be a principle-based accounting. Due to the principle-based approach, the financial statements and audits should not be based on the following of case-by-case rules rather than the responsible “professional judgement” of the financial statements and auditors, which is in the sense of the actual “spirit of the rules”. This work analyses the supposed principle based of IAS/IFRS on a broad basis.

From the content: Is IAS/IFRS accounting a principle-based accounting? – Are the principles of IAS/IFRS systematic and concrete? – Do the principles of IAS/IFRS help to protect against accounting abuses? (Peter Lange Verlag)

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Books on the subject: Human Resources Management


The cross-thinking book for optimizing “personnel management”!
Heise U., Munich 2017, ca. 160 pages
(pocket size)

The generation of maximum economic success is not feasible without the workers (human factor). Only if the human factor is properly understood and used correctly can an above-average economic success be achieved and the shortage of skilled workers overcome. This cross-thinking book is designed to help you focus on the essentials in your world of work. To analyse your own actual situation, you will receive the most important statistical data and facts about the employees and what motivates and demotivates our employees, as well as the realization that the employees are as they are and not as we like them. Had. It is not a textbook that dictates what you have to do and what to leave, but it flirts with cross-thinking so that you can honestly question your own leadership skills, as well as today’s economic society or how you want your company to look to the future of the company. prepare for the labour market.

Target group: Managers and all those who would like to take a leadership position one day.

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