Search of controlling experts and staff trainings

Personnel development for the long-term assurance of the success factor human! Trust and interpersonality are two of the most important prerequisites for entrepreneurial success!

Our high success rate in the search for personnel and the low turnover rates among our customers confirm that we can “lead” the right people in the economy together and successfully train/train.

It is important to us that we are not head-hunters and therefore never recruit people in existing employment relationships.

Our consultants carry out the following activities in detail:

  • Recruitment.
  • Execution of job interviews – selection.
  • Execution of personnel structure analyses.
  • Design of goal-oriented incentive and assessment systems.
  • Carrying out personnel training.

Why does DGC offer you personnel search? 

Since we are familiar with different industries, professional requirements and different corporate philosophies thanks to our many years of consulting, it is a good idea to take over the search for personnel as an additional service for our customers. Small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have their own human resources department and even if: how should HR personnel have the professional and practical requirements qualifications (e.g. for commercial management, controlling, sales) can really know, clarify and verify if they themselves can be have never worked in these fields?

Our consultants carry out the following activities in detail:  

Design of the personnel display:

  • Common definition of the requirements profile.
  • Draft staff reporting in accordance with the Anti-Discrimination Act.
  • Joint coordination, revision and adoption of the staff notification.
  • Requests and requests from the media you select.
  • Order and release the ad from the selected media.
  • Free setting of your personnel search on our homepage.


  • Execution of personnel selection taking into account all legal criteria (Anti-Discrimination Act. etc.)
  • Inbox, creating intermediate notices.
  • Record applicants in the applicant database.
  • Manage telephone enquiries, information, etc.
  • Pre-selection of applicants and creation of applicant profiles.
  • Dispatch of cancellations of candidates not eligible.
  • co-ordination of the candidates to be invited and coordination of invitations.
  • Compilation of statistics on all applications received.

Execution of the interviews:

  • Conducting the applicant interviews (the interviews can be conducted in your or our company).
  • Creation of applicant profiles on the basis of the interviews carried out.


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