Benchmarking is the systematic search for rational procedures and for targeted better solutions. Benchmarks are used as orientation or benchmark or target size for corporate governance.

The central question in benchmarking is: “What do others do and why are others more successful than us?” Benchmarking therefore means learning from companies that are perceived as exemplary how to improve, more consistently, more successfully, more efficiently and, above all, the cost-benefit ratio of certain areas, activities, processes and objectives in one’s own company. could make it more appropriate.

  • Internal benchmarking consists of internal analyses and comparisons of procedures, structures, key figures within the company.
  • Competitive benchmarking focuses on the analysis of products, services, target groups and their impact on the company, especially in terms of competitors and customers.
  • Functional benchmarking compares and analyses processes, workflows and functions, consciously also of companies that are not direct competitors.

Our specific benchmarking services for you:

  • During our many years of consulting practice at DGC, we have built up a very comprehensive, structured and prepared benchmarking database, thus creating a competent and large comparative basis.
  • We perform a cost structure analysis for your company and the DGC Zoom® quick analysis.
  • Execution of systematic key figures, cost rates and process comparisons and identification of concrete improvement potentials.
  • Learn from the best comparison partners – we help with the search: the wheel is not reinvented – use existing, tried-and-tested approaches!
  • With the individual DGC key figure assessment, you will learn anonymized benchmarks from companies in your industry and comparable company size.

Advantages of DGC benchmarking:

  • Standard determination of meaningful business metrics of companies that have been or will be advised by the DGC.
  • All company key figures remain anonymous.
    Search possibilities by industry, sub-sectors and company size (number of employees).
  • Operationally individual, long-term comparison periods possible.
  • Tabular and graphical evaluation options.
  • Regular benchmarking rounds: In addition to these, you have the opportunity to exchange experiences, problem solving and valuable information within a small, carefully structured ERFA circle.


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