How much does a crate of beer cost me from the ramp?

Practical seminar to determine the objective own production costs and calculation rates of breweries and in the beverage industry

Are you also caught between cost explosion and price enforcement with your customers?

The brewing industry is experiencing unprecedented price increases in raw material and energy costs. At the same time, price discussions with customers are becoming increasingly difficult and demanding.

  • What prices do I have to achieve in order to actually cover my costs?
  • What is my leeway in price negotiations and where are my price floors?
  • How can I incorporate future cost increases into my pricing policy at an early stage?
  • Why do I need to know my real production costs for the preparation of the annual financial statements?
  • Why do I need a minimum set of key figures to successfully manage my brewery?
  • What margins/contribution margins do products, customers and sales channels achieve?

In this practical seminar, we will show you how you can independently carry out simple and causal calculations of your products and merchandise, which key performance indicators are important to you and how you can determine them without great effort.


Heinrich Egerer / Prof. Dr. Gerald Preißler Date


On request, 10:00h – 17:00h


Winkler-Bräu, St-Martin-Straße 692355 Velburg/Lengenfeld

Price:€ 840,- plus 19 % VAT ( € 999,60 gross)

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