Opinions of participants

We are pleased that the DGC consultations and seminars have always been evaluated extremely positively. For us, this means that we are on the right track to continue to be your competent companion in the future.

Some seminar indivdual participant assessments:

“My expectations were exceeded because additional, unexpected information about funding programs was given!”

“Themes were made much more vivid by examples from practice!”

“In your studies, the subject matter has never been discussed in such detail, and the cooperation with the DGC has greatly enhanced the practical experience!”

“It was a very informative and instructive seminar!”
“My expectations were exceeded! Exceeded because the expectation was already above average due to my experience with the DGC. It was important to learn the human background for certain topics!”

“Complex topics are always presented in easy-to-understand forms!”

“Thank you for the usual good quality of your training. I have received good approaches! That is what I was hoping for. Now all they have to do is implement them!”  

“This seminar is extremely helpful in analyzing and solving the problems of our company!”

We are proud of these feedbacks!

They prove that the DGC is a competent companion
to entrepreneurial success!